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Thursday 9th June at Rye Books 7pm
Jon Magidsohn discusses his new book ‘Immortal Highway: A Memoir’

Immortal Highway: A Memoir

“It’s a terrific read, beautifully written and structured. I particularly admire how honestly [he] dealt with the emotions while, at the same time, avoiding any feeling of overdoing it or slipping towards sentimentality. A nicely honed balance that I found compelling.”
- Judith Barrington, memoirist and author of Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art

Just three months after his wife’s death to breast cancer, Jon packs up his infant son, Myles, and they set off on a six-week “Healing Tour” through Canada and the United States.

Their journey, set to the soundtrack of the music Jon loves, sees them negotiating rolling mid-western hills, exploring a cave, losing confidence in the prairies, and finding it again in the desert states.

As Jon starts to learn to balance his sorrow with the joy of new fatherhood, a sobering episode in the Rockies compels him to question what his life might have looked like had his wife survived.

Part travel book, part love story, Immortal Highway explores the nature of love, family, and grief in incredible times.

* * *

“One of the most remarkable revelations during the time around which Immortal Highway is written, was recognizing that my wife and I never had a chance to explore how adding a child to our family would have changed the dynamic, which was often unpredictable and unsettled. This was key to the memoir’s narrative.”

“This is a story with big themes: love, death, cancer, grief, pregnancy, parenting, travel, women’s health issues, men’s issues … and music. The Immortal Highway was a fulcrum on which teetered the two sides of my life: there was before and there is after.”

* * *

Jon Magidsohn, originally from Toronto, is the author of Immortal Highway: a memoir. He has been featured in The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Hippocampus Magazine, Mojave River Review, Full Grown People and has written about fatherhood for Today’s Parent, dadzclub.com and the Good Men Project. He and his family live in London, UK where Jon received an MA in Creative Nonfiction from City University.

Free event, no booking necessary but please email us if your coming – there will be wine, cake and coffee.

Thursday 7th July 7pm at Rye Books
Lauren Johnson talks about her new book
'So Great a Prince: England and the Accession of Henry VIII'

Join local author Lauren Johnson as she takes us on a tour of daily life in Tudor England and Henry VIII's first year as king the central focus of her new book 'So Great a Prince: England and the Accession of Henry VIII'.

The King is dead: long live the King. In 1509, Henry VII was succeeded by his son Henry VIII, second monarch of the house of Tudor. But this is not the familiar Tudor world of Protestantism and playwrights. Decades before the Reformation, ancient traditions persist: boy bishops, pilgrimage, Corpus Christi pageants, the jewel-decked shrine at Canterbury.

So Great a Prince offers a fascinating glimpse of a country and people that at first appear alien - in calendar and clothing, in counting the hours by bell toll - but which on closer examination are recognisably and understandably human. Lauren Johnson tells the story of 1509 not just from the perspective of king and court, but of merchant and ploughman; apprentice and laundress; husbandman and foreign worker. She looks at these early Tudor lives through the rhythms of the ritual year, juxtaposing political events in Westminster and the palaces of southeast England with the liturgical and agricultural events that punctuated the year for the ordinary people of England.

Free event, we'll have wine, tea coffee and cake!

Free event, if you plan to attend please let us know at shop@ryebooks.co.uk to give us an idea of numbers.

Date TBC at Rye Books
Kat Arney will be coming to discuss her new book 'Herding Hemingway's Cats'.

So we've all heard of genes, but how do they actually work?

Science Writer, Broadcaster, Musician and Harpist Kat Arney will be coming to Rye Books this April to discuss her new book 'Herding Hemingway's Cats' published by Bloomsbury.

Drawing on stories ranging from six toed cats and stickleback hips to Mickey Mouse mice and zombie genes Kat Arney explores the mysteries in our genomes with clarity, flair and wit, creating a companion reader to the book of life itself.

“A sprightly, energetic tour through the minds of those trying to understand genes. each snappy chapter is a remarkable feat of information and fascination.” – Robin Ince, comedian, writer and co-presenter of The Infinite Monkey Cage and The Quest for Wonder.

Free event, please email us at shop@ryebooks.co.uk to give us an idea of numbers!

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